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Working together, we will create a workforce management system designed to equip your people with the tools they need to optimise your labour force. We listen to your current needs and future goals. ​

What can a WFM system do for you?

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It does exactly what it says on the tin.

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Optimising hours to improve productivity and bottom-line

Know exactly what labour you need to run your business, how much it costs and how you can make sure your resources aren't wasting time.

Clocking employees time accurately

Choose from a host of digital clocking systems to ensure your workforce is in when they're meant to be and eliminate time theft.​

Reporting hours for payroll

Use your employee clocking data to fill payroll reports. Add your rates and rules to the system and it will automatically calculate them.​

Workforce management

Ensuring workforce availability and creating rotas

Seamlessly fill your work rotas months in advance with just a few clicks. Rotas will ensure you have the right people at the right time.

Time-consuming paperwork processes

WFM will store your data and enable you to create and edit documents quickly. Say bye to sickness, clocking data or more updates via excel.​

Reporting and HR organisation

Store everything you need to know on your workforce in one place: HSE documents, contact details, sickness and holiday dates and more.​

About WFM

With over 20 years of expertise in the industry, we know that your workforce is the beating heart of your organisation (and the force often driving your business forward). Ensuring your employees are happy and your business needs are met is therefore paramount to your success. ​​

WFM by Chronologic is designed to ensure this by offering an easy-to-use system that enables you to have the right people in the right place at the right time. Our functionality includes:

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