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Absence Management is vital to every business, as knowing who's off, whether authorised or unauthorised, can make or break a business day.

Not only will the WFM system allow you to stay informed with clear staffing level indicators for your team/s, but it will help you save time and resources by digitising your absence process.

Authorised holiday

If you need to maintain minimum staffing levels for health and safety, or operations, ensuring staff holidays are managed to meet your needs shouldn't be a headache.

Our holiday functionality works as an easy-to-use calendar, so you can clearly see time-off requests in a format that works for you. Holiday requests and authorisation are all colour coded, so you can know which requests are already approved or not in seconds.

By creating a clearing holiday process, you will also save time for HR and management, as they will have the absence data they need to review, monitor and action in one place when they need it.

A good holiday management system will make the holiday booking and approval process easy for employees and managers alike. If you choose to equip our employee self-service functionality, the WFM holiday management system will give your employees transparency in their holiday balance, future bookings and how much they have already used.

Unauthorised Absence Management

As well as approved absences, unauthorised time off such as no-shows and sickness should be tracked and recorded, so that your managers can take the appropriate procedural steps.

The WFM Absence Management functionality can notify managers of all exceptions to your rota (such as no-shows and lateness) and help you support continuity by showing you who's available to fill the gap support production.

Work rotas can be easily amended to match the business need, without the paperwork and absences are managed using your rules, in one central resource. So no more shuffling spreadsheets.

The system is easy to use and navigate around. It's time saving looking at staff HR issues such as sickness and holiday.

Absence management Absence Management
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