All in one vs specialised WFM

WFM Functionality

All in one Workforce Management VS specialised software?

You know you need help optimising your workforce, you have a list of needs – but you don’t know where to start.

Is sectioning out your wants and buying specific software for each demand the way to go, or buying one system that does everything?

For Workforce Management, you could be looking for:

  • Time and Attendance
  • Payroll Data
  • HR Management
  • Holiday functionality
  • and much more.

Each of these systems can be purchased separately – but at an often-higher cost.

Cost, functionality, integration

Yes, the separate software will be designed to streamline the issue you have, and might even have more functionality for the specific issue at hand.

However, ask yourself if the price of the systems combined is worth the extra cost of an all in one system.

Time is also an essential factor to consider. Logging in and out of different systems, to find out information only on one aspect of the business vs one log-in with an overview of everything.

Each system will also need setting-up, data inserted and training completed for the software. Training handovers will then need to happen for absence or holiday.

Another thing to consider is integration.

One of the main benefits of WFM by Chronologic is its vast reporting suit. This reporting uses the data from every aspect of the business software to give you a single overview of what you need to see.

If your separate systems don’t integrate, you’ll never be able to see the bigger picture – which could affect your Workforce growth or optimisation in the long run.