Automate HR Processes

How to get the best HR practice with minimum time

Every business needs to manage its workforce efficiently. After all, employees are one of the most vital assets of any organisation. HR may have once been considered a side function to the essential core of getting on with business. Now, however, managers and supervisors have realised that having ‘best practice’ in HR means making the most of your valuable asset, leading the way to greater business success.

Best practice in HR simply draws on the tried and tested methods of managing a workforce – it means doing what works best to keep a track of your employees’ holidays, sickness absences, attendance, payroll and more. It also means having due regard to the well-being of your employees and making sure you comply with the law.

Any decent Workforce Management system is designed to put people management at the heart of a business. What makes ours different is that it our HR functionality brings together all your HR information, alongside time and attendance data, in one place.

Once WFM by Chronologic is up and running it means that your company will have to spend less time on tracking down bits of information about employees and on keeping data. That’s because our system is designed to make life easier and more efficient for the people responsible for HR and HR teams by automating a lot of paperwork.

With the WFM system you can apply HR best practice in many areas including:

Absence Management

Absence management is an essential function of workforce management if you want to keep productivity and costs in check. The Chronologic system includes calendars to prevent holiday clashes and reporting on sickness absence. The declining rate of absenteeism nationally is itself due to employers improving absence management, for example by paying closer attention to staff wellbeing as well as putting in place more robust monitoring and support processes.

Alerts and reminders

These can be set up to draw attention to late clocking or to expiring licences and permits. You can even set up a ‘traffic light’ system of alerts indicating the different levels of importance. It all adds up to be being efficient and not dropping one of the many balls in play in any thriving business.

Health and Safety

A key area for best practice in HR, a key concern for employers and employees alike should be the prevention of accidents and ill health caused by work. The system helps the business to stay compliant and supports the employee’s wellbeing. For example, you can monitor hours for Working Time Regulations and make use of the Fire Roll Call for safety and security.