Automated Fire Roll-Call

Automated Fire Roll-Call

No matter how big or small your company is, having a secure, reliable automated fire roll-call process is important.

Knowing off the top of your head who is missing or has already checked out for the day is impossible, and can lead to deadly mistakes.

Even if you do only have a handful of regular employees that can be accounted for, what about contract workers like cleaners or visitors?

Fire and Rescue Service 2019/2020 statistics stated in England alone, there were:

  • 17 non-domestic premises fatalities.
  • 880 non-fatal casualties in non-domestic premises.

How does Automated Fire Roll-Call Work?

When you clock in or out of your time and attendance system, the software will automatically update who’s on-site. This means in case of an emergency, real-time data is available for fire marshalls to check.

WFM by Chronologic offers a Fire Roll Call report that can be automatically generated from a fire trigger, such as the alarm going off, or an employee pulling/smashing the fire alarm trigger.

How can you view the Fire Roll-Call list?

With WFM, when the fire alarm is triggered, the fire roll-call list is sent directly to a selected printer or as many printers/locations as required.

The report can also be easily accessed by pressing the desktop fire icon by system users and other appropriate staff – even in non-emergency settings.

Finally, in times of extreme emergency, when leaving the building is vital and printers can’t be reached, fire marshals or other designated people can view a ‘who’s in’ list live via a smartphone or web-connected device with WFM online access.

By using an automated fire roll-call process, you save valuable time, can reduce human error and ensure a faster, more efficient and more reliable process is in place for your HSE compliance needs.

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