4 Benefits of Workforce Management Software

Benefits of Workforce Management Software

Workforce management software automates a host of daily tasks. But what are the Benefits of Workforce Management Software? we’ll give you 4!

Cutting Workforce Labour Costs

How many people work for your company? How many of those are responsible for calculating payroll and paychecks for your employees? More than one? How much do you pay them?

For small businesses, this expense soon adds up. For bigger or even enterprise companies, it can be a vast unnecessary cost.

When you use labour management software solutions such as those provided by Chronologic, you can eliminate all these costs, and redistribute these employees to more efficient tasks.

It’s why we say our software can save you time, resources and money.

One of the ways a workforce management system pays for itself is by redirecting the money you currently pay to the payroll clerk or payroll department. Instead of spending it on unnecessary labour, you can put that cost back into your business. More marketing? Better clocking machine? The system is endless.

In no way are we suggesting you get rid of your payroll team. It’s an essential feature, but the payroll does not contribute to the profitability of your business. In fact, it takes it away!

What we’re saying is that workforce management software can take the pressure off time-consuming responsibilities. No longer do you need to worry about human errors, Sara in payroll missing deadlines, or employee time theft.

WFM can help you with:

Workforce Management Compliance

One of the biggest HR tasks is to file and preserve documents for compliance obligations.

Employment contracts, insurance policies and more are the types of data needed. Not only do they need to be secure, but they need to be available to those who need it ASAP.

Maintaining this sort of data manually is super time-consuming. Not to mention keeping paper documents can lead to lost data and GDPR issues.

Workforce management software can help you store all your documents, in one centralised location.

We don’t mean to scare you. But a small slip in compliance can cost you fines – plus damage your organisation’s reputation.

Digital workforce documentation enables you to keep full compliance with all requirements and have the digital paper trail to back this up. Great for working hours and break compliance.

Enhanced Analytical Function – Benefits of Workforce Management Software

Regardless of what kind of business you run, data insight is vital in today’s world.

Having the capability to see real-time numbers of workers, evaluate labour costs towards the budget, and more is fundamental to the profitability of your organisation.

Your managers are desperate for this kind of digital toolbox in order to make choices for your organisation. Without this reporting and analytical functionality, your managers are simply guessing or going off of gut feeling.

When it comes to labour – your most expensive output, we don’t think a gut feeling is enough.

Workforce management software gives you the facts you want to report on. It offers your managers the equipment they want so that they (and your business) succeed.

Higher Employee Morale – Benefits of Workforce Management Software

The higher your employee morale, the bigger the benefit of any workforce management system.

Not only does morale mean a higher take up of the software. But it allows your organisation to automate all or most of its payroll and timing functions. Saving your team time and stress and offering your employees full payroll transparency.

This is huge for employees. Think about it, Workforce management software will accurately record employee attendance. Then use this data to calculate payroll – meaning no more human errors in payroll.

This means the responsibility for accurately recording working hours falls on employees. Because if their wages are wrong, it is because they have missed their clocking. They will also be able to see their timesheets via their employee self-service portal to check everything is in order before payroll.

We all know messing up employee pay is the fastest way to lose workers.

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