Best Western Plus Hotel Turned Quarantine Facility?

Hotel quarantine

With London hospitals facing unprecedented demand due to Coronavirus, the Best Western Plus Hotel in Croydon has turned its facilities into a quarantine destination.

It might seem like something out of Keeping up with the Kardashians, serving self-isolation in luxury, but in reality, the London Hotel Group chain are giving free stays away for critical cases where people have nowhere to go to avoid spreading germs to others.

The four-star hotel is located near several hospital in the capital, and has already began admitting patients who meet their criteria from King’s College Hospital.

Rooms at the Croydon hotel will be prioritised firstly for the homeless and vulnerable who are well enough to be discharged, but have nowhere else to isolate.

it will also be providing accommodation to NHS frontline workers who have tested positive.

Hotel Safety measures

When the guests arrive, they will be sent straight to a room to isolate via a separate entrance, a specially designated COVID-19 pathway and sperate elevator.

All members of staff will be in full PPE and during their 10 – 14 day stay, guests will not be allowed to leave their rooms or have visitors.

Hotel staff will also not enter the guest’s rooms, with only hospital staff allowed to enter guest rooms.

All meals will be left outside the guest’s door in a paper bag, three times a day.

How the hotel can improve its safety procedures

No matter how careful, when dealing with coronavirus there is always a chance of contamination and spread.

The Best Western Plus Hotel already has a host of safety features in line, however one key area they have not addressed so far is infection between staff. This infection between staff could be caught from the self-isolating visitors, or from home, transport etc.

If you have employees who are asymptomatic, preparing food, cleaning and mixing with other employees – you could find them needing a quarantine room themselves, along with the rest of your staff.

This is why we’ve launched a Biometric Clocking Unit With Temperature Detection.

With our new clocking unit, Best Western would be able to read employee temperatures at the door, while clocking them in for time and attendance purposes.

If their temperature is above the pre-set temperatures, a visual and audio warning will sound and they will not be able to clock.