Biometric Clocking - attendance peace of mind

Know who's in, when and where

Biometric clocking systems:

A biometric clocking system is a time clock that uses unique physical characteristics of each employee to clock in or out.

The clocking machine is safe, easy to use and takes under a second to recognise and record your employees' clocking's in real-time.

Benefits of biometric clocking include eliminating time clock fraud, as employees cannot clock in for each other, automating timesheet input for payroll data, seeing who is in or out in real-time and more.

It’s fast, easy, and no-one forgets to bring their Finger, Face, or Hand to work!

WFM biometric options

To make sure your employees' clock easily and don't waste time, you need a quick and accurate machine. All our biometric clocking terminals are tried and tested and are being used today by 10's of thousands of employees in businesses large and small.

Whether you choose fingerprint, facial, or a hand recognition clock, you can be secure in the knowledge that all our terminals have been set-up and tested by our experienced Support Team ready for you to use.

All terminals supplied are ready to go out of the box as part of your WFM system. A mixture of WFM terminals can be used to clock employees, as well as clocking via smartphone or web browser – so you choose the best method for you and the environment in which they will be used.


Facial recognition clocking in is ideal for no-touch clocking and offers an easy to use clocking functionality for your workforce.


Fingerprint clocking is easy to use and increases clocking accuracy as well as cuts out buddy clocking.


The 3D Hand Scanning terminals are perfect for businesses where employees may have worn fingerprints or wet or dirty hands.​


Our thermal camera combined with our face recognition terminal can quickly detect users with elevated skin temperature.