Biometric Facial Recognition Software

Clock in by face, RFID or PIN

Biometric facial recognition

Facial recognition is a biometric technology that uses unique facial features to identify a person. Facial recognition units have become more popular as there is no contact required, and the technology completely eliminates buddy clocking. ​

Another benefit is that there is no need for I.D. Cards and fobs that can be easily lost or stolen.​

When clocking in, an employees' face is scanned, and a green or red light shows to indicate if their clock was successful. ​

Our unit offers a quick, automatic, verification system and stores no facial images in the system.​

All terminals supplied are ready to go out of the box as part of your WFM system.​


Facial recognition clocking in is ideal for no-touch clocking and offers an easy to use clocking functionality for your workforce.


Fingerprint clocking is easy to use and increases clocking accuracy as well as cuts out buddy clocking.


The 3D Hand Scanning terminals are perfect for businesses where employees may have worn fingerprints or wet or dirty hands.​