Biometric Fingerprint Clocking System

Prevent employees from 'buddy clocking' and improve timekeeping

Biometric fingerprint clocking system

Our Biometric Fingerprint unit is the perfect clocking in solution for all types of organisation. ​

Used by thousands of employees every day across Europe, the unit uses world-class technology to detect a person based on their unique makeup - meaning buddy clocking is impossible, and timesheets are filled correctly every time your workforce clock. ​

The fingerprint unit is easy to use, has a contemporary design and employees can clock via fingerprint, with an option to provide swipe cards or key fobs if required.​

All terminals supplied are ready to go out of the box as part of your system.​


Facial recognition clocking in is ideal for no-touch clocking and offers an easy to use clocking functionality for your workforce.


Fingerprint clocking is easy to use and increases clocking accuracy as well as cuts out buddy clocking.


The 3D Hand Scanning terminals are perfect for businesses where employees may have worn fingerprints or wet or dirty hands.​