Biometric Temperature Scanner

Biometric temperature scanner

WFM by Chronologic is always looking for the next best tool to help you optimise your workforce. In 2020 and beyond however, we realised optimising your workforce wasn’t enough – you needed to keep your workforce safe.

How can I keep workers safe?

It’s not just your workforce, your business as a whole, needs protecting. Due to the nature of the COVID 19 virus, its strains, and the strict self-isolation measures in place, one employee infection is all it takes to wipe out an entire shift.

This is why we’ve launched a Biometric Clocking Unit With Temperature Detection.

Thanks to this new clocking terminal, you will be able to read employee temperatures at the door, automatically when workers clock. If their temperature is above the pre-set temp, a visual and audio warning will sound and they will not be able to clock.

How to stop people breaking the rules

If for some reason employees still choose to ignore these alerts that they are not allowed to enter your workplace, an email can be sent to managers to alert them of all temperature anomalies, and a red box will appear on the offending employee’s timesheet.

These simple alerts of mangers will quickly help them minimise infection, and if needed, identify any other staff members that may have come in contact with the employee.

Check out more information on our terminal here.