Biometric Clocking Unit With Temperature Detection

Keep employees safe while tracking time and attendance

Thermal face recognition

If 2020 taught us anything, it's the importance of stringent health and safety processes in the workplace. Social distancing and cleaning regimes can be implemented, but stopping potential illness spreaders at the door is the best way to avoid spread.

Thanks to our new biometric clocking unit with temperature detection, you can do this.

What you need to know:

Our thermal camera combined with our face recognition terminal can quickly detect users with elevated skin temperature.

The device simply displays the user's temperature and raises alerts when a temperature higher than the pre-set threshold is detected.

The unit measures the temperature accurately by combining its high-resolution camera (19,200 pixels) with patented face recognition algorithm that pinpoints the upper area of the face.

You need to have both units to enable facial recognition with thermal scanning. We offer both together in a bundle.

The thermal camera easily connects with the face recognition terminal via USB and comes with a bracket for easy install.

Corona will end, do I need a new facial recognition clock?

Even after Covid-19 is eradicated, avoiding the spread of any illness through your business is important. Common colds and flus can still cause avoidable absence across your workforce, and temperature scanning is a key way to detect illness.

Temperature detection thermal scanner

Benefits of our facial recognitional clocking:

Contactless clocking

As well as avoiding the spread of viruses, contactless clocking is perfect for work areas that use gloves, or need to ensure hygiene, such as food manufacturing etc.

Clocking options

As well as face scanning, you can use RFID cards or fobs to clock with the unit, meaning you can mix and match as needed.

Stop buddy clocking

You know that when an employee clocks in with our facial recognition terminal, they are 100% physically on location.​

About the terminal

Powered by an industry-leading 1.4 GHz quad-core CPU, you can now get your hands on the world's fastest facial matching terminal, with a speed of up to 4,000 match/sec.

If that isn't enough, the new facial scanner ensures quick, accurate clocking, no matter where you put the unit in your business. The terminal can achieve operating illuminance of up to 25,000 lx - that’s about 5 times brighter than industry average!

At 25,000 lx, you can ensure uninterrupted face recognition in all possible lighting.

Enjoy a huge memory capacity

Terminal can store and hold

  • Users 30,000
  • Image Logs 50,000
  • Text Logs 5,000,000

As well as a verbal and visual alert from the terminal when an employee with a temperature clocks, depending on your WFM by Chronologic account, you will be able to enjoy:

  • The Employee will not be able to clock onto their shift if their temperature is above your pre-set temperature threshold – helping protect the workforce from infection
  • Above threshold Employee temperature alerts will be sent directly to the relevant manager/s so that they can take appropriate action to manage the risk
  • New clocking report, review employees who have exceeded the pre-set temperature level over a selected date range

Existing customers simply need to contact your account manager, Simon on 01761 410015 to order your clocking terminals.

If you are not currently a WFM by Chronologic customer, fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you on how implementing the new temperature scanning biometric clocking unit, and a Workforce Management system, will optimise your workforce.


Face recognition clocking in is ideal for no-touch clocking and offers temperature alerts to managers.


Facial recognition clocking in is ideal for no-touch clocking and offers an easy to use clocking functionality for your workforce.


Fingerprint clocking is easy to use and increases clocking accuracy as well as cuts out buddy clocking.


The 3D Hand Scanning terminals are perfect for businesses where employees may have worn fingerprints or wet or dirty hands.​

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