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Collaboration is key

Throughout our website, you'll see a host of ways a workforce management system can help you save time, money and resources. It's up to you how you prioritise these tools for your business and what you need each tool to do. ​

It sounds cheesy, but the most significant benefit we can give you is to truly listen. We see our job as workforce 'fixers', and everything from our sales process to our support team is set up to help you achieve your business goals.

With one centralised data resource, it also stops duplication of documents and reduces time spent searching for data.

The bane of many businesses is scheduling workers. It can take days to perfect a rota designed to adapt to both employee and work needs. With a time and attendance system, you will know who's available, be able to optimise your teams' time, and ensure compliance.

The system's functionality will also enable your managements time to be shifted away from administration to productive tasks - meaning you get the optimum value of your employees for your business.

The software works really well for me. I like the layout. I think it's been designed by people who really understand payroll.

Workforce Management WFM by Chronologic
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Looking for just a T&A system?

uAttend by Chronologic

Perfect for businesses looking for an easy to use time and attendance system with scheduling, clocking in and reporting features included.

Find out more about uAttend by Chronologic

Why WFM by Chronologic

Our system is:

  • Scalable to meet changes in your business
  • Customisable - you have the ability to customise the system based on your needs (rules, reports, employee records and more)
  • Easily accessed by manager and admin via PCs/Tablets/Macs/Smartphones
  • Trustworthy - you own your data

We offer:

  • Tailored training - so you get the best from your WFM
  • Dedicated support - help available from our professional and friendly team
  • The Chronologic Values - we work to make sure it's the right fit for you
  • A future-proof system - WFM is continuously developed

Realistic business benefits

We'd love to tell you our system will save you 99% of all your labour costs, and your managers will become all-seeing, omnipresent team leaders, but we can't. ​

What we can guarantee, however, is that whether you're looking to improve overall operations, simplify payroll or help reduce paperwork and admin costs, we can help. Our software works by giving you the means to optimise your workforce so you can concentrate on tasks that really matter. ​

What makes our system so beneficial is that WFM is a one-stop-shop - Payroll data, Time & Attendance, HR database and more in one. We help reduce the burden of paperwork from your staff and get results from day one. ​

As well as automating paperwork, our technology reports on your data, so you can see the business impact of your decisions and help maximise your bottom line.


  • Eliminate time theft
  • Optimise workforce operations
  • Ensure total control over each system user with comprehensive user rights
  • Maintain data security
  • Enjoy a vast suite of reporting capabilities
  • Ensure valid overtime is claimed and paid
  • Easily create Rota's and Work Schedules


  • One easy to navigate central resource
  • One place for data and documentation
  • Multiple shift pattern payment, absence rules and more automatically applied for employees
  • To remind you of Licences/Certificates/Right to Work before they expire ensuring compliance
  • Future cost planning - plan your staffing to meet your budget
  • Easy reconciliation of agency workers hours to confirm against billing hours

Who we work with

With over twenty years of experience in WFM behind us, our system is tried and tested - meaning we have a range of customers from many different sectors.