Business costs rising! – Wages out of control?

schedule staff business costs rising

How can you manage them more effectively?

With energy, materials, services and wages dramatically increasing, one key area of your business expenditure to consider is your workforce. Ensuring that this essential tool is optimised and paying employees only for the hours necessary can certainly reduce the wage bill and make your product or service more attractive.

What can a Workforce Management system do to help?

Focussed workforce management tools to schedule staff, keep control of hours worked and ensure wage budgets are monitored and adhered to have been available for some years. Indeed, many such systems have evolved to include:

  • simple planning and budgeting tools for optimising Employee hours
  • holiday and absence management (schedule staff) to minimise any effect on the business
  • Payroll export reports that can be imported straight into many leading Payroll systems and cut out all the manual effort and accuracy risk often involved in the process
  • HR and H&S data and alerts

We can help

The WFM Workforce Management System by Chronologic helps businesses get the planning right and its execution delivered with minimal fuss. The workforce management reporting included enables access to key data. Tools to simplify and automate many employee processes help make your employee attendance less of a challenge, easing the way to better control and profitability.

WFM Workforce Management by Chronologic – 20+ Years of experience supporting business workforce management. To find out more, contact us on 01761 410015 to book your free, no-obligation online demonstration.