Calculating holiday pay

Calculating holiday pay

Automate your holiday pay and save time

When it comes to calculating holiday pay for your staff, you can find yourself easily confused. Over the decades, more and more legislation and legal precedent has meant that it’s harder than ever to get to grips with holiday pay – especially if you have a variety of contracted workers.

From the distinction between guaranteed and non-guaranteed overtime to working patterns and countless other variables, there is plenty to keep in mind.

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Workers are entitled to a week’s pay for each week of statutory leave that they take.

A week’s pay is worked out according to the kind of hours someone works and how they’re paid for the hours.

Working patternHow a week’s pay is calculated
Fixed hours and fixed pay (full- or part-time)A worker’s pay for a week
Shift work with fixed hours (full- or part-time)The average number of weekly fixed hours a worker has worked in the previous 52 weeks, at their average hourly rate
No fixed hours (casual work, including zero-hours contracts)A worker’s average pay from the previous 52 weeks (only counting weeks in which they were paid)

Our workforce management software allows you to easily handle holiday allowances, requests and pay.

  • Employees can be given a view of their history, status and can even make holiday requests
  • Managers can see when holiday requests are pending and easily click to the employee’s history and remaining holiday status
  • Review the team status to minimise disruption and production – and ensure minimum staff levels are maintained
  • View comprehensive holiday reporting across groups, departments, and teams
  • Fixed or accrued hours, part-timers, bank staff, zero-hours contracts – all easily managed