Clocking Systems

A range of clocking in machines

Our clocking systems can be used in any combination

You can set up rotas, work rules and payroll data exports, but without the means to enable your employees to clock in and out, it's all meaningless.

WFM by Chronologic offers a choice of clocking options that can be used in any combination to collect clocking data. Our mix and match approach means that if you have employees on-site, off-site, working from home or any other scenario - they can still clock.

We understand each business will have a different criteria for clocking due to regulations or work environments, this is why we offer:

We've been impressed by the adaptability of the product. We have a large number of shift patterns and pay rates and the system has been able to cope with all of these.

Clocking systems Clocking Systems
David Gillespie
Managing Director
Treasure Homes

Biometric clocking Systems:

Facial recognition
Hand Scanning

Contactless clocking Systems:

RFID system
Web clocking and mobile device clocking

Before purchasing your clocking method, we'll qualify your needs to make sure that it's the right type for your organisation. For example, businesses that work in an environment with dirt or debris may better suit a contactless clocking or facial scanning method.

NB: We only supply clocking in machines as part of our WFM system. You can simply add more terminals to your sites as needed.

Operational benefits:

  • Biometric clocking stop 'buddy clocking' to ensure employees are on-site and working
  • Use clocking data as attendance screen
  • Encourage employee time-keeping due to clocking

Admin benefits:

  • Real-time data for immediate reporting
  • More accurate payroll that can be backed up with audit data for queries
  • Easily track off-site hours and variable workforce data

If preventing time theft is your goal

Stop time fraud | Stop time theft | Stop buddy clocking