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Reliable payroll software

Whether you run your payroll software weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or across any other date range/s, your payroll software should be accurate and simple to upload to your Payroll System.

WFM by Chronologic includes payroll functionality that enables you to upload data to your payroll systems in just a few clicks. No more checking, timesheet trails and amendments – manual data upload to payroll is a thing of the past.

The best thing about our payroll export is that it is customisable.

If you need payroll data by site, department or cost centre, you can filter it simply and get real-time results.

This reporting functionality has been designed to enable your team to quickly see the hours accrued but can also report the gross cost of labour for rough check purposes. This can also be seen when planning your Rota, enabling you to make clear business decisions when planning the workforce.

Based on your operational and contractual rules, the WFM by Chronologic system will effectively apply all your pay rates and deductions, and can even record monetary values such as bonuses. This will deliver timely, accurate payroll data,in a format ready for simple upload to your Payroll System.

WFM payroll data is compatible with most payroll software systems and can also be downloaded in Excel, CSV,and a range of other industry-standard formats.

The system has improved our operation with accuracy of attendance and speed of compiling data.

Customised payroll Customised Payroll
Andy McEvoy
Group Operations Manager
Wright Minimix

Operational benefits:

  • Release key management and finance time for more productive work
  • Central business data available to those that need it
  • Reduce payroll errors and save money

Admin benefits:

  • Payroll data ready for simple upload to your payroll system
  • Reduce employee payroll queries and the diversion they create
  • Quickly create customised reports for departments and more