Do Food Processing Businesses need a Workforce Management System?

Need a workforce management system

The food processing business can span a wide range of techniques, types and sizes. One thing however stays relevant – their need for compliance with food regulations and need for staff.

Even if you run your food processing business with machines, human interaction with packaging, quality control, machine maintenance and more is vital.

To make sure that everything on the human side therefore runs smoothly, you need workforce management. If this management also has to ensure HSE compliance, as well as food preparation and safety regulations, we find that relying on human processes alone is not the best option.

You need something to help automate processes, remind managers of important paperwork or takes and optimise your employees time. This is where WFM by Chronologic comes in.

So how can a workforce management system help food processing businesses?

Firstly, a good workforce management system will streamline your Rota process, ensuring that you always have the right people in the right place at the right time.

WFM enables you to easily plan a wide mix of shift types, patterns and you can amend as you need.

Second is the savings you can make on payroll through automating the application of Overtime, Shift Premiums, Bonuses, Breaks, Roundings and more. Just set and forget.

Not only will automating these rules help save you money through human error, but it will save your payroll and admin team time, meaning they can focus on other aspects of the business that need their (often expensive) attention.

The third is having a central one-stop management of all your Holiday, Absence, HR and HSE processes.

WFM by Chronologic can not only save all your important documentation in one safe place for easy access but can remind you when you need to renew licenses, apply for more permits and much more thanks to our Workflow functionality.

These are just a few of the ways WFM can help your Food Processing Business, but don’t just take our word for it…

What Food Processing Businesses have to say about WFM

  • We can create a shift exactly how we need it to be without any compromise
  • The overtime calculations come out correctly every time
  • We like to think that the Chronologic Workforce Management System has contributed to the sweet taste of success at The Beehive

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