Do you need to upgrade your workforce management technology?

do you need to upgrade your WFM technology

When purchasing a Workforce Management system, chances are you went in with a list of needs or issues.

Your provider will have met these needs, and now here we are – probably years later, with your business and the world around us evolving rapidly.

It doesn’t make sense therefore that your needs from a workforce management system have stayed the same. Chance are, you need to upgrade your technology.

Sounds expensive? It doesn’t have to be

Start with a list of what you needed in the past, how your current provider met these needs and what you need now, and in the future (to the best of your knowledge).

Speak to your provider to see if they can accommodate your new needs. If they can’t, or if the price is too high – bring your list to the competition!

Over the past few months, we’ve had a host of enquiries about reworking or reshaping the way businesses work due to Covid-19.

Issues most businesses never thought of before such as remote working, touchless options and health and safety are now at the top of most Managers lists. There has never been a better time to evaluate or update your workforce management tech.

Some key questions could be:

Health and safety
Does your provider offer temperature detection scanners?
Do you have easy Work rotas to ensure shifts are practicing distancing/not overcrowded?
What about HR Management for return-to-work documents, certification and more?

Managing remote working
Can your system show you real-time recorded hours worked and unplanned absences?
Are your employees able to log attendance on a computer, tablet or mobile?
Do you need your managers to be able to optimise your workforce wherever they are?

If you need all of the above and more, WFM by Chronologic could help. To find out more get in touch today or request a Demo.