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Empower employees with self-service

Our employee self-service portal enables selected employees you choose, to access a host of information and processes themselves.

Employees can:

  • Plan and request holiday
  • See and review timesheets
  • View rotas to see when they have to work
  • Mobile employees can clock in and out where so authorised
  • and more.

Employee Self Service offers a range of benefits for businesses, including:

  1. Drastically cutting down admin processes and time. Paperwork is replaced by simple authorisation requests.
  2. Promoting transparency and trust between employer and employee. Employees know their holiday balance, and can see timesheets for payroll data.
  3. To help reduce unauthorised absence. Lateness excuses are gone, employees now know when they’re in, for how long and where weeks in advance. Employees with access to the service can also clock in to WFM using smartphones, tablets, Macs, PCs, or a mix of all. This functionality is ideal for employees working off-site, at home, on customer premises or for service teams out on the road.

How it works for managers

Managers will be alerted to holiday requests in the system and be able to assess and approve in real time. Managers can also choose to record the location of any remote clocking made by employees using a web browser or a smartphone when they clock.

Employees can now view their timesheets and book holidays using Employee Self-Service which they access with their company iPhones.

Employee self service Employee Self Service
Andy McEvoy
Group Operations Manager
Wright Minimix

Operational benefits:

  • Eliminate manual processes and paperwork​
  • Web clocking enables flexibility for employees​
  • Employees always know when they are due to work​
  • Simple self-service process

Admin benefits:

  • Hours worked can be checked by employees, reducing the number of payroll queries to Finance and HR​
  • Complete holiday management solution

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