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Why do I need employee self-service software?

In today's fast-paced world, employees need to be able to do simple processes themselves, or else they become frustrated. Our world now revolves around 'on-demand', whether this is content, food, shopping or movies, so why can't HR requests be the same?

Employees can now view their timesheets and book holidays using Employee Self-Service which they access with their company iPhones.

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What you need to know

By 2030, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce

82 percent say that tech would influence whether to take a new job

It might sound like a younger generation being picky, but according to the "Future Workforce Study", 67 percent of employees over 35 years old also said they feel the same way.

Now is the time to make sure you have a decent Employee Self-Service (ESS) offering, to stop frustrations among your staff and avoid potential talent loss.

Empower employees with self-service

The WFM employee self-service portal enables your employees to access a host of information and take care of simple processes themselves.

Employees can:

  • Plan and request holiday/absence
  • See and review their timesheets
  • View rotas to know when they have to work
  • Clock in and out

And it's not just for employees; managers also benefit from ESS software as it helps streamline their workday. Let's use holiday requests as an example:

Before WFM

Employees physically found managers (or called them) to verbally request holiday. Alternatively, employees submit an absence request via paper or email.

Managers check the Calander for scheduling clashes, as well as employee holiday allowance, then approved or refuse the request.

They then have to add it to their records (digital or paper) and find or ring the employee to tell them.

With WFM

Employees simply log onto the ESS portal and request their holiday. They will be able to see a full real-time status of their holiday allowance, as well as any previous and future requested holiday bookings and requests. No checking and wasting the time of HR or Managers to confirm the detail – no paper trail, and it's all done in a few moments!​

Managers receive a notification that they have an outstanding request. They will be led directly to the employee's calendar and be able to check their staffing levels and see who else is absent at the same time, ensuring any staffing clashes or shortfalls are known. Approval or refusal of a request is fast and easy, and you can even add a short message commenting on the reasons for the decision. Whether approved or denied, employees will be responded to via email and their online calendars updated as soon as the decision is made.

Adopting Employee Self-Service can also help your organisation comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR), as the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recommends that users have self-service access to their own data.

Can Employee Self-Service functionality really save me that much time?

Even if you ignore the time and costs of requesting, checking and telling employees if their requests have been approved, the logistics of the requests themselves cost you recourses and money.

Another way is to avoid human error - if the person wanting to do something is directly requesting their dates, searching for their rota and more, they are less likely to input the wrong information.

And finally, one employee likes to text mangers, another hands a slip of paper, someone else does it verbally, sound familiar? Employee Self-Service will streamline and standardise your employee processes.

Our Employee Self-Service functionally has been designed to

  • Empower your employee with simple tools to manage their needs
  • Drastically cut down admin processes and time - saving you resources and money
  • Promote transparency and trust between employer and employee
  • Simplify and improve Holiday Management, Payroll Queries, Mobile Clocking, Rota distribution​
  • Maintain production and staffing levels
  • Enable remote clocking via smartphones, tablets, Macs, or PCs

Operational benefits:

  • Eliminate manual processes and paperwork​
  • Web clocking enables flexibility for employees​
  • Employees always know when they are due to work​
  • Simple self-service process

Admin benefits:

  • Hours worked can be checked by employees, reducing the number of payroll queries to Finance and HR​
  • Complete holiday management solution

See more on our Holiday Management page.

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