Ensuring Workforce Management Knowledge Transfer

Ensuring Workforce Management Knowledge Transfer

How to train new employees on your system?

Knowledge transfer is a problem we hear time and time again from potential new clients.

Any trained personnel that leaves your company can take years of knowledge with them and be a real setback to the team – especially if you have new starters that need to be up-to-speed quickly.

Ideally, a handover period would happen in all cases, but with remote working and often delays in recruitment starts, this isn’t always possible.

So today we’re going to run you through the best ways to retain Workforce Management software knowledge for your business.

No matter which Workforce Management software you use, these tips are great for all HR and IT departments.

1) Chose a provider who records training sessions

If you have to pay for ongoing support and do not have an ongoing contract, make sure your provider records your training sessions so that more than one person in a team knows how to use your software.

This is great for not only leavers but for absence too.

With the recording safely stored, you can give new employees a crash course quickly and affordably.

2) Make sure you have a UK based support team

On-shore support is vital for any business software for a host of reasons. Obviously, you want someone in the same time-zone as you to avoid delays and frustration, but also a constant team that you can learn to know and trust.

After all, you should only be calling a support team when you have an issue or request, so knowing it will be dealt with quickly and professionally is a must.

3) Remember the system has the knowledge

The entire point of workforce management software is that it reduces the time spent managing your workforce.

From rotas to reporting, payroll data, holidays and much more, your system should be designed to store important data in a way that’s easy to read, pull up and act on.

‘Karen’ might be leaving you with 15 years of personal relationships behind her (she knows who each person being paid is), but the newbie will have accurate data to see hours, pay rules and more. They can learn the faces to names later – but for now, can hit the ground running.

Plus, with HR Management capability, employee information can be stored easily, so your new team member can be up to speed on individual employee matters in no time.

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