Flexitime doesn't have to be complicated

We can help you manage your flexitime

Flexitime contracts and agreements are being more common in today's connected workforce as they enable employees to juggle their personal responsibilities, as well as create a working pattern that most suit their productivity.

For businesses however, keeping track of flexible hours, pay and more can be a logistics nightmare.

Whether you have core hours that you want your employees to work, or operate on a more open flexitime system, WFM by Chronologic can take away the hassle of keeping employee hours tracked.

You set your rules for the employees in question and WFM puts them in action.

Complex employee working patterns made simple

If flexitime workers under or overwork, you'll have visibility so you can quickly see and fix the issue.

Thanks to the WFM by Chronologic Time and Attendance functionality, all your employee needs to do is clock their hours via a clocking unit, web or phone and the system will do the rest.

WFM will automatically calculate the hours worked, payrates and can even geolocate web clocking's so you can make sure your employees are where they are meant to be.

Saturday rotas are very simple to manage in the system and it is able to cope with many
different working patterns.

Flexitime Flexitime
Kate Barnett
Administration Manager
C L Jones

Operational benefits:

  • Enable flexible working for employee wellbeing
  • See working trends with Time and Attendance to set core hours

Admin benefits:

  • Automatically calculate hours worked
  • Reduce paperwork and manual calculation times