Get the Most from your WFM system

Get the Most from your WFM system

Making sure you get the most from your WFM (Workforce Management) system takes time. Not only do you need to understand the system functionality, but how this has changed your workforce and what you can do to further improve it.

Managers and management can look at things like ROI, labour cost and more, but to get started, we’re giving you our top 4 tips on getting the most from your WFM technology.

1. Use it to schedule only the best fit

WFM can help identify your employee skills such as forklift licenses, First Aid, Fire Marshalls and more. This means that you can make sure the right staff are on every shift.

Not only will this help your production (whatever business you are in), but ensure that you are complacent with H&S too.

2. Reduce Payroll costs

Using your clocking data to create payroll reports, ready to export to your payroll system, is the number one way you can save time with WFM and reduce payroll costs.

By using data directly entered by employee clocking, you can ensure more accurate payroll data. The WFM system will also automatically apply all overtime rules or absence, so you can be sure employees are being paid what they are supposed to.

3. Gamification

Gamification is simple. Turn work into a game.

You can set targets in your WFM system and create alerts to let you know when these targets have been met.

Employees that continuously meet these targets can be rewarded. Think of games like clocking in on an even number, or leaving on time, or the amount of overtime done.

4. Enable employee Self Service

WFM by Chronologic can include a simple Self Service functionality that enables selected employees to complete a host of tasks themselves. Tasks include clocking remotely, requesting holiday, viewing timesheets and more.

Not only will this save you time and resources, but by allowing only your top employees to Self Service, you can increase engagement in the workplace.

These are just a few of the ways you can get more from your WFM system. To find out about WFM by Chronologic and our host of functionality, click here.