Health and Safety with WFM

Health and Safety with WFM

With the deadline to ‘return to the office’ fast approaching for more businesses across the UK, Health and Safety is a hot topic on all WFM users’ minds.

Whether you are currently using our workforce management software or looking for WFM software in the future, knowing how a system can help your HSE efforts is important.

What HSE tools does WFM have?

WFM by Chronologic is an all-in-one workforce management system offering time and attendance, reporting, payroll, HR Management, Workflow and more in one.

As part of our expansive HR Management functionality, we have developed a host of Health and Safety tools that come with your WFM spec.

For instance, WFM can help HR teams stay HSE compliant with working regulations by:

  • Ensuring key employees are available when you need them, such as first aiders, fire marshals etc. a WFM system makes it easy to ensure you have the best team in place on every shift.
  • Ensuring your training is up to date. WFM will help your team manage all H&S, right to work and training records effectively. Best of all, you can set alerts to remind admin to hold new HSE training, update details and more (with Workflow).
  • Enabling a Fire Roll Call – It doesn’t get more HSE than making sure your employees are accountable with a Fire Roll Call report. Our reports can be sent directly to a printer of your choice for easy access in case of an emergency, or via your smart device.
  • Tracking Absence – back to work training and assessment, especially after long periods of time off, is vital for employee wellbeing. By Tracking absences, you will also be able to identify potential health hazards or other issues with departments and individuals.

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