Holiday Management made to help the whole team

Simplified holiday planning

No more spreadsheets, paper requests or endless interruptions

Whatever way you look at it, employee holiday costs your business money and resources, so ensuring you have everything in place to avoid unnecessary disruptions is essential. ​

A good holiday management system will make the holiday booking and approval process easy for employees and managers alike. ​​

A great holiday management system will give your employees transparency over how much holiday they have and how much they have already used. ​

It will also give you transparent reporting on your employee's holiday dates taken.

We no longer need to set up holiday calendars on an annual basis, the system just rolls forward without intervention... that's bliss!

Holiday management Holiday Management
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Holiday management

How can WFM holiday management help you?

With WFM, your employees will also be able to request holiday through a self-service Employee Portal, eliminating the need for holiday request and approval paper trails. Not only will this free up a host of your managers time but will digitise the process, meaning you'll always have a record of requests in one place. ​​​​

With the holiday management functionality, managers can see when requests are pending and easily click to the employee's history and status. You can also review the team status to minimise disruption and production - and ensure minimum staff levels are maintained.​​

Operational benefits:

  • Know who's available and who's booked as absent
  • Easily support minimum staffing levels and production
  • Maintain business continuity

Admin benefits:

  • TOIL, flexitime etc. - your holiday rules automatically applied
  • Easily review employee holiday status and history
  • Comprehensive holiday reporting across groups, departments and teams

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