How to keep your Workforce Management Data secure

keep your workforce management data secure

When setting up and running any workforce management system, you will input a host of data – after all, centralising your workforce data is the whole point!

HR documentation, pay rates, cost centre info, clocking times, email/ personal details and more can all be stored within your software.

This type of data can be highly lucrative for cyberattacks, so how can you keep it safe?

When you purchase a workforce Management system, make sure your system provider equips you with a data encryption certificate.

For instance, with every WFM by Chronologic purchase that includes Net Admin and/or Self Service, we will provide SSL certification. An SSL certificate will encrypt data between your portal and your employees’ devices.

This is an important feature for all online WFM (.Net) users. So, no matter where or how you access your system, you have peace of mind.

Our recommendations

To make sure that your data is encrypted to the latest standards on your side, we suggest implementing TLS version 1.2 or newer,

With an SSL certificate and TLS 1.2+ enabled, both your server and data transport over the Internet will be encrypted and secured to the latest standards.