HR management software

HR management software

HR Management software should be an integral part of any WFM system.

Workforce Management is more than just finding out who is late or on time. It’s about optimising the way you run your workforce from the inside out, saving you time and resources.

Why do I need automated HR Management software?

Not everyone has the resources of a huge team of HR staff. Managers and supervisors get demands from all directions.

But when looking at ways to use technology to simplify or automate HR, it’s often overlooked.

HR should be a vital part of your business development, and there are a host of all-in-one workforce management systems on the market. This means that unlike in the past, you don’t have to spend out on new software for each business unit.

Imagine all your Employee documents and data in one place. You could store and find Employee information and documents quickly, get the information you need when you need it, AND protect your data.

This isn’t a dream; this is HR Management that comes as part of our all-in-one WFM system.

With HR Management, you can report everything from which Employees have up to date data or documents, to run reports on Bradford Factor for punctuality and more.

Key HR Management tools:

We’ve designed our system so that no matter how big or small your HR team is, nothing gets overlooked and you have more time to concentrate on people, not paperwork.

Here are some of the ways it can help your HR team.

Holiday and absence

If you need reporting on absence, the WFM System includes a comprehensive Absence and Holiday Reporting capability.

You can also report on infringements of Employee’s Shift hours and lost time due to lateness, all helping you keep on top of the cost and effect of sickness, absence, and lateness to your business.

Health and Safety – records and actions

Health and Safety have become an essential part of business operation to ensure our staff, premises and practices are all safe and compliant.

Ensuring your business is fit for purpose can be a nightmare to manage and track. WFM by Chronologic helps you keep on top of H&S documentation, practices and key timelines.

HR Alerts

You can even get reports and alerts for time-sensitive issues like Appraisals, Disciplinary, Right to Work, Medical details, First Aid, Fire Marshall, Forklift Truck, PPE issue, and other key employee compliance and training requirements.

Different departments 

Different departments can now have a single organisational view. Stop information appearing in different systems.

This means cutting down on time-wasting and error-prone duplication.

Employee information

Store and find employee information and related documents quickly on the system.

No more filing cabinets or searching for spreadsheets. WFM helps you digitalise employee documents and stores them in an easy to find a way.

Confidential information

You can set up appropriate view and access permissions meaning that information is only accessible to approved staff. Data security is assured.

Why choose WFM by Chronologic?

Good HR policies and procedures can play a significant role in boosting the overall success of a business. Choosing WFM by Chronologic not only means that you can be sure of applying your HR practices efficiently but also in compliance with the law.

Best of all, because WFM by Chronologic is an all-in-one solution, you only invest in a single fully-integrated organisational system, rather than a host of different programmes.

The WFM by Chronologic system includes payroll data, time and attendance, Reporting, HR management, absence, and holiday all in one.

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