HR management software

HR management software

No HR department? No problem

Not everyone has the resources of a huge team of HR staff. Managers and supervisors are increasingly hard-pressed with the demands on them from all directions.

But when looking at ways to use technology to simplify or automate HR, it’s often overlooked.

HR should be a vital part of your business development, and there are a host of all-in-one workforce management systems on the market, meaning unlike the past, you don’t have to spend out for new software for each business unit.

The WFM by Chronologic system includes payroll data, time and attendance, Reporting, HR management, absence, and holiday all in one.

We’ve designed our system so that no matter how big or small your HR team is, nothing gets overlooked and you have more time to concentrate on people not paperwork.

Here are some of the ways in which WFM can help HR organise your business:

Different departments doing their own thing?

Different departments can now have a single organisational view rather than information being held on different systems. This means cutting down on time-wasting and error-prone duplication.

Can’t find employee information?

Store and find employee information and related documents quickly on the system. No more filing cabinets or searching for spreadsheets. WFM helps you digitalise employee documents and stores them in an easy to find way.

Not sure who’s looking at confidential information?

You can set up appropriate view and access permissions meaning that information is only accessible to approved staff. Data security is assured.

Mountains of scrambled information in various places?

Supervisors and managers can access the data, standard and custom reports and documents that are relevant to them.

Good HR policies and procedures can play a significant role in boosting the overall success of a business. Choosing WFM by Chronologic not only means that you can be sure of applying your HR practices efficiently, but also in compliance with the law.