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All your HR information in one place

Our Human Resource Management functionality enables you to store and find employee information and documents quickly, so you get the information you need when you need it while protecting your data.

With the WFM HR functionality, you can easily record and store employees' details such as addresses, telephone numbers, National Insurance numbers and more. The system also allows you to set up additional text, numeric and date fields to build a complete picture of your workforce.

Importantly, you can generate HR reports on all kinds of needs, such as wanting to know the addresses of all employees who joined the company within the last three months. Or you may wish to know all those with ten years' service to implement a reward scheme.

WFM HR management was designed to make life easier for HR teams by bringing together HR information and time and attendance data all in one place. By doing this, all departments in an organisation can now have a single organisational view, rather than information being held on a multitude of systems, saving time and money.

WFM HR features include:

We can keep proper HR files of the employees on the system and the reporting will hopefully assist us with trend spotting in business peak periods.

Human resource management Human Resource Management
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Employee Database

Different departments often gather personal information for different purposes. Wasting time looking for documents you need should be a thing of the past. With our employee database, you can easily store and retrieve a host of employee documents and information.
HR departments can also ensure the data is fully compliant, with exact access permissions and audit trails.

Absence Management

Our Holiday calendars enable your HR team to manage individual and group holidays and ensure resourcing isn't compromised with too many people off at once. If you need reporting on sickness absence, you can see an overall measure of employee attendance, as well as keep on top of the cost of sickness absence to the business.

Health and Safety

WFM can help HR stay compliant with working regulations and support employee safety by:

  • Scheduling key employees - such as first aiders, fire marshals etc. within the system to ensure you have the right people on every shift.
  • Managing H&S, right to work and training records effectively with access to those that need it.
  • Fire Roll Call - in case of emergency, ensures on-site employee safety.
  • Absence reporting - to identify potential health or other issues with individuals.
HR Alerts and Reminders

To make the system as streamlined as possible, alerts can be set to draw attention to irregularities such as late clocking or licence and permit expiry. WFM has a traffic light system in place to enable quick visualisation of actions. You simply set the thresholds appropriate for your business. For example:

  • Green - everything is OK.​
  • Amber - items for review.
  • Red - you need to take action.

Operational benefits:

  • Supports data security
  • All-in-one system, fully integrated HR and Time and Attendance
  • Only invest in a single organisational system, rather than a host of different programmes
  • Save HR resource time to allocate elsewhere
  • Set appropriate view and access permissions
  • Standard and custom reports can be created, viewed, exported, and emailed to those relevant

Admin benefits:

  • Single resource - cuts down on duplication of documents and data
  • Build to suit your business - add custom fields
  • Quick data and document storage and retrieval
  • Information capture can be tailored by adding custom fields with data necessary to your organisation.
  • Reminders and alerts can be set up to prompt action for licence renewals or training, for example.

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