Key benefits of a Workforce Management System

Key benefits of a Workforce Management System

In today’s article, we’re looking at the key benefits of a Workforce Management System.

If you’re in HR or a business owner, chances are you’ve heard of Workforce Management (WFM) software and wondered if it would work well for your company.

Why should you invest in WFM?

Organisations rely on their workforce to manage, execute, and deliver against their customers’ expectations. Today’s businesses constantly strive to increase revenues from existing customers and engage with new ones to produce new revenue streams.

Cost, quality, consistency, service and support are all key elements in creating marketable products and services. And, ultimately, a successful and thriving operation.

Even in the Public Sector, demands to reduce costs, while maintaining equivalent or improved service levels, continue unabated.

So how do you keep your organisation lean whilst driving a quality offering at a cost that will attract new customers and keep existing ones?

A WFM solution can help businesses improve time and attendance management, automate and simplify payroll processing, manage shift schedules, track labour budgets and more – all in one comprehensive package.

Simply put it will help you:

Optimise your workforce

You need to know what your employees are doing with their time.

With a WFM system, you have that data, and that allows you to better understand how best to organise and run your business. But, just knowing where everyone is isn’t enough; you also need insight into what they are doing while they’re there.

A Workforce Management System provides more than just location information; it also shows labour costs and hours in a department, so you can tell if the outcome matches the data.

For example, our solutions offer actionable insights into scheduled hours vs worked hours, as well as break times —making it easy for you to identify time thieves and other non-work related activities during regular work hours.

How will WFM help your business?

On top of reduced labour costs…

A good Workforce Management System can support the optimisation and reporting of both Management and Employees’ time whilst cutting unnecessary manual practices.

Many existing time consuming and repetitive manual processes can be consolidated. Removing the reliance on spreadsheets and the chaos created by multiple locally managed procedures.

Centralised overall visibility can support the delivery of business consistency and maximise operational effectiveness throughout the organisation.

This, in turn, can optimise the value of the workforce in delivering the products and services provided.

If you are a business that sends quotes for work, WFM can also help you ensure these are accurate. As the software provides insight into how much labour actually spent on a task in relation to what was originally planned.

What key benefits do you need from a WFM system?

When looking at the benefits of a workforce management system, first decide what you need help with most.

Luckily, we have a qualifying quiz that can help you decipher this! You can find the quiz – here.

If you choose WFM by Chronologic as your workforce management system you can enjoy:



The best thing about a WFM system is that it is extremely easy to use. Which means you’ll have no problem using it to its full capacity.

By organising your staff, time and attendance tracking can be done more accurately and in a more efficient manner. Working data can also be utilised to report on a host of activities across your business. It delivers real business insight.

Find out the specific ways our WFM system can help your business grow, cut costs and stay competitive in today’s market.

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