Key benefits of a Workforce Management System

Key benefits of a Workforce Management System

Why should you invest in WFM?

Organisations rely on their workforce to manage, execute, and deliver against their customers’ expectations. Today’s businesses constantly strive to increase revenues from existing customers and engage with new ones to produce new revenue streams.

Cost, quality, consistency, service and support are all key elements in creating marketable products and services and, ultimately, a successful and thriving operation.

Even in the Public Sector, demands to reduce costs, while maintaining equivalent or improved service levels, continue unabated.

So how do you keep your organisation lean whilst driving a quality offering at a cost that will attract new customers and keep existing ones?

Optimise you workforce with a Workforce Management System

A good Workforce Management System can support the optimisation and reporting of both Management and Employees’ time and labour whilst cutting unnecessary manual practices.

Many existing time consuming and repetitive manual processes can be consolidated, removing the reliance on spreadsheets and the chaos created by multiple locally managed procedures.

Centralised overall visibility with effective management and control of the Employee resource can support the delivery of business consistency and maximise operational effectiveness throughout the organisation. This, in turn, can optimise the value of the workforce in delivering the products and services provided.

When looking at the benefits of a workforce management system, first decide what you need help with most.

If you choose WFM by Chronologic as your workforce management system you can enjoy:

  • A time and attendance system which offers a range of clocking-in options to best suit the needs of your employees, including any remote workers.
  • Help line managers to check and authorise timesheets online and from any location.
  • Organise your payroll for you based on the automated timesheet information.
  • Prevent holiday clashes by planning leave on shared online calendars.
  • Collate a wealth of data giving your business access to powerful information e.g. sickness and absence rates, employee information.
  • Provide a web-based option so that managers and other authorised staff can access information on the go, 24/7.
  • Supply training for staff – once the system is set up be sure to arrange training for managers, supervisors, workers, and key administrative staff. It’s also a chance to reinforce key messages about efficiency and about the investment in taking the business forward.

Other essential components we offer to support Managers in delivering an effective workforce performance whilst optimising their own management time:

  • Alerts to trigger review of, and support the control of overtime and other payments, Employee exceptions, absence, and holiday
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities delivering key management data for Employee absence, holiday, labour hours planned/actual, Employee information and accurate Payroll submission