Key staff leaving? Don’t panic!

Key staff leaving

Well, don’t panic if you have good Workforce Management Software in place. Otherwise, you may need to panic at least a little…

This week in the UK, after what feels like a very long time indeed, we’ve seen a hugely mediatic change of Prime Minister. With this new change in job title, of course, comes a tidal wave of new responsibilities, decisions, administrative processes and expectations, as Ms Truss and her chosen cabinet try to firefight the immediate burning needs of the country, whilst also keeping an eye on the important short-, mid- and long-term objectives.

Now, let’s bring this scenario a little bit closer to home. Whether the departure was foreseeable and planned, or unexpected and swift, how would you and your company cope, do you think, if one of your key players suddenly upped sticks and resigned or announced their retirement? Certainly, in this post-pandemic period affectionately known as The Great Resignation, in which, if recent studies are to be believed, between 20% and 40% of employees are still considering quitting their jobs*, joining the millions who already have taken that step since July 2020, many companies have seen some of their brightest stars re-evaluate their lives, choosing to retire earlier than they had envisioned or searching for an entirely different career pathway altogether.

How do you think you would fare if you were suddenly faced with the prospect of losing an employee who, amongst other things, managed your staff, planned the workload and hours for several departments, not to mention absence management and holiday requests. You’d also need to be sure that accurate payroll reports were delivered on time, every time, in addition to producing reports on key business metrics. It’s enough to give any business owner night sweats.

Finding a suitable replacement for such an important role can often take months. Then you’d have to train them, of course. In the meantime, what can you do to support your business? Any good Workforce Management Software System should be able to carry much of this load automatically, and is already doing just that for companies up and down the country. But buying a system alone is not much help if you’re not sure how to use it. That is when the knowledge and support from the providers of that system proves to be of invaluable help.

Having excellent processes such as absence management, holiday management and clocking systems already set-up in a system will be a definite bonus, but knowing what to do when things change unexpectedly or need amendment may rely totally upon the support offered by the system provider. Chronologic offers unlimited support from our specialist, UK-based, engineering team to help you with both day-to-day issues and any unexpected needs. Our comprehensive system training provides our customers with all the tools and confidence they need to get the best from our systems, not only when they are initially installed but also any time you need to train others in your organisation or find yourself in uncharted waters.

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