Long Term WFH Management

Long Term WFH Management

How can a Workforce Management System help from home?

Thanks to the recent lockdown announcement and realisation of the vaccine rollout timeframe, it looks like working from home is here to stay in the UK. At least in the first half of 2021.

According to a study by Stanford University, half of remote workers feel they are more productive when they work from home, due to fewer distractions.

This feeling is great, but without the data to back it up – it’s just a feeling.

Are you with the times?

So far, our research has shown many employers have ‘made do’ with their technology or current processes to get by the challenge of remote working. But if this is now going on longer than we ever thought – ‘getting by’ isn’t an option.

Think of all the lost data, time and resources your business is hemorrhaging due to lack of automated processes.

It might seem simple, but even just ensuring your team uses their time and attendance software correctly can give you insights into better engagement, or rules you didn’t know you needed.

And there’s the thing. It’s not about people going through this data anymore, wasting department time with reports. Your Workforce Management system can do this all for you.

Need a report on labour costs, absence, compliance needs and more? WFM has your back.

How a Workforce Management system can help:

WFM allows you to add employee shifts in a way that optimises performance and productivity. If someone is off – it will flag it. If someone is sick, see who else is available quickly.

Data Recording
Every modern business needs real-time data. Not only so that they can access the information they need remotely 24/7, but to minimise any potential errors when it comes to payroll, furlough and more.

This also leads onto – Improved Customer Service
Real-time data means that you know your employee’s location and availability, so if a customer needs something urgently, you’ll be able to see who’s available to help instantly.

Time and Attendance
Track hours. Flag lateness. Report sickness. Get payroll data. All remotely.

With our self-service functionality employees can also:

  • Plan and request holiday
  • See and review timesheets
  • View rotas to see when they have to work
  • Clock in and out and more.

If you’d like to find out more about how WFM by Chronologic can help your work from home needs, check out our article on – Making your Workforce Management System work for you during Covid