Making your Workforce Management System work for you during Covid

Covid WFM by Chronologic

2020 has been a year of ups and downs for most organisations to say the least. With the recent tier system in place and push to get businesses back to as normal (and safe) as possible, it’s easy to forget you might have a system in place that can help.

So, ask yourself – are you making the most out of your Workforce Management System during Covid?

WFM by Chronologic was designed to optimise your workforce, wherever and however you work, and ensure you have the right people, at the right place, at the right time.

With more social distancing safety procedures in place than ever, ensuring the correct number of employees are present is vital. As is ensuring employees with the right certifications, such as health and safety, or first aid, are on the right shifts.

Worksites are now, more than before, juggling their need to keep workers safe, Covid complicit and most importantly, keep production levels up.

So how can WFM by Chronologic help you do this?

Maintain compliance –

WFM can track employee numbers, certification status, fire roll call and much more.

WFM by Chronologic can also help you quickly see anyone out sick, who they were on shift with and who you have left to Rota in cases of isolation needs.

Stop mix-ups –

People can’t just turn up for work anymore, or pop in on clients. Appointments are scheduled, risks taken and appropriate measures conducted.

Thanks to WFM and automation of key workforce-management functions, mistakes are much less likely. Not only can this reduce risk, but help with profitability and timesaving.

Contactless processes –

Managers can manage absence, holiday requests, clocking and much more remotely.

Payroll data can be done anywhere, 24/7, and employees can clock contactlessly with our RFID or Facial Recognition terminals.