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Access your business information anywhere

To make sure that you can access your business information anywhere and at any time, you can add online access, our web-based admin functionality.​

With this tool, you can seamlessly access your WFM system remotely, to:​

  • Plan and manage staff - quickly know who is available and when​
  • Watch screen – see who's in or out wherever you are​
  • Remote clocking - clock employees in or out remotely​
  • Employee data and HR - access the information you need on the go​
  • Rota building - Plan your workforce and amend rotas as needed​
  • Timesheets - view and edit timesheets online

Best of all, web-based admin can be accessed using PCs, tablets, Macs and smartphones.​

The system has made it easier to allocate staff shifts and managers can monitor and report staff attendance.

Online access Online Access
Ian Bourton
Project Manager
Oxford City Council

Operational benefits:

  • Manage your workforce wherever you are​
  • See who's clocked in and out in real-time​
  • Ensure your business is running smoothly and plan appropriately

Admin benefits:

  • Edit timesheets on the go for perfect payroll data​
  • Manually clock for employees when needed
  • See exceptions whenever you want to get ahead of work