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When you're on the move, your business can't just stop. Thanks to online system access from WFM - it doesn't have to; you can simply log-in and manage your workforce from wherever you are.

With WFM online access, you'll be able to:

  • Plan and manage your team/s - quickly know who is available and when
  • Who's in - see who's in, or out, wherever you are with the Watch Screen
  • Employee data for HR and H&S - create, save and access the information you need on the go
  • Rota building - Plan your workforce and amend rotas to meet changing needs
  • Timesheets - view and edit timesheets online
  • Holidays and Absence - manage holiday requests and record absence
  • Working Rules - set and amend work rules for overtime, breaks, shift times, roundings, grace, whenever you need
  • Remote clocking - working offsite? clock your employees in or out anywhere

The system has made it easier to allocate staff shifts and managers can monitor and report staff attendance.

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Best of all, you can access all of this using your PC, MAC, tablet or smartphone

Online system access delivers day-to-day management capability to those that need it on the move. A simple, secure log-in for Managers and Administrators unlocks the WFM System when you need it.

If you work from home, on a remote site, or even need to work sitting in the airport, we can give you control and visibility of your team/s and be able to update your work plan at any time.

Having access to manage exceptions to Employees' scheduled working patterns (such as absences, lateness, unauthorised overtime, missed clockings and even holiday requests) means that you can react and deal with the day's operational activities as they happen.

If you also choose to use Workflow alerts and reporting, you'll be notified of key employee exceptions and reports, so you'll know when you need to log-in or take action, keeping your business moving and remaining compliant.

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Online system access

Operational benefits:

  • Manage your workforce wherever you are
  • Know who's clocked in and who's not in real-time
  • Keep your business running to plan

Admin benefits:

  • Timesheet hours are managed even when you're not on site
  • Exceptions can be dealt with on the move
  • Gang-clock employees when managing offsite operations