Payroll Reporting

Accurate payroll data when you need it

Automate your payroll reporting process

Our payroll reporting functionality can save your business time and resources every pay period! WFM automatically collects employee time and attendance data and applies your work rules. Thanks to the ability to create pay rates, apply rounding and grace and overtime rules, your admin tasks can be cut in half and your business will save money by only paying employees for the hours they work.

You can also use WFM to filter payroll data by a multitude of options including departments, individuals, overtime pay and more, so that you can always keep an eye on labour costs and overheads.

Best of all, WFM time and attendance data is applied in real-time, so you can view the latest payroll data reports at any time.

Get accurate real-time payroll data whenever it's needed.

Our payroll reporting function is compatible with most payroll systems and will enable more accurate data that can be uploaded to your payroll system in just a few clicks. Or you can simply download a .CSV or excel version.

A huge benefit for businesses using WFM is the transparency WFM offers for employees. Payroll queries are reduced and employees can better see and understand their pay, based on the clear and exact clocking data.

Reduction in processing time, accurate daily payroll data, control of working hours.

Payroll reporting Payroll Reporting
Graeme Gibson
General Manager
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Operational benefits:

  • Release key management and finance time for more productive work
  • Optimise the cost of the workforce - maximise the bottom line
  • Central business data available to those that need it

Admin benefits:

  • Payroll data ready for simple upload to your payroll system
  • Reduce employee payroll queries and the diversion they create
  • Work Rules already applied, ready to process
  • Reduce time taken to create reports and ensure accuracy