PPE – What do you have to provide?

PPE - What do you have to provide

With the new roadmap set for easing Coronavirus restrictions, many employers will be looking to move their employees back into the workplace.

In many cases, this might be the first time in over a year that employees are on-site, and many will have concerns or questions that will need answering regarding PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

One of the main topics will undoubtedly be about protection available for staff and ongoing covid safety measures.

We understand that many sectors will need different precautions in place, but what by law, what do you have to provide?

PPE in the workplace

According to Health and Safety Executive.gov, guidance states:

Employers should provide appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and training in its usage to their employees wherever there is a risk to health and safety that cannot be adequately controlled by other means.

In order to provide PPE for their employees, employers must do more than simply have the equipment on the premises. The employees must have the equipment readily available, or at the very least have clear instructions on where they can obtain it.

You can see a full list of precautions legally needed – here

How can WFM help you with PPE?

  • With our HR Management functionality, you can keep a detailed list on any employees who might need extra support due to shielding or health issues.
  • You can also set Workflow alerts for the stock levels of PPE equipment, so you never run out.
  • Using our Face scanner with temperature reader, you can keep tabs of all employee temperatures and stop employees with a fever from clocking in.
  • Any back-to-work documentation can be stored within the system, under each employee – so you know you have it for compliance issues.
  • Rolled-over 2020 holiday can also be planned, checked and approved months in advance, using the scheduling calendar to ensure no request clashes for essential staff.
  • With the Work Rota functionality, you can spread shifts apart, to minimise mixing between employees and be sure you will always have staff available, even if illness does strike.

For more information on how WFM by Chronologic could help you stay compliant with PPE and help ensure employee safety, get in touch.