Remote Team Tech Tick List

Remote Team Tech Tick List

A recent survey from Buffer found that 98% of surveyed workers “want to work remotely at least some of the time for the rest of their careers.”

Whatever way you need to run your business, the opportunity for flexibility, remote working and more has opened up dramatically to the business world in the past year.

To do this successfully, however, you need to invest in the right technology to ensure your workforce and company is on track.

Here’s our vital tick list for remote tech:

Time Tracking

Of course, this is number one, as it helps make sure the most important asset, and biggest cost for your business – labour – is on track.

Not only will time tracking software help you track working hours and export payroll data, but it will allow you to see cost centres, and make informed business decisions in real-time.

Digital Employee Platform

Communication is one thing (I think we all know Zoom by now!) but knowledge is another.

When working from home, you need to ensure that your employee has access to the information and the documentation they need, digitally.

You also need to know that they can check working hours, holiday allocation, requests and much more.


Since the start of the pandemic reports of cybercrime has almost quadrupled!

So, it’s not that much of a leap to say that cybersecurity is one of the most important parts of remote tech to invest in, especially if your workers are logging into a public Wi-Fi network.

Although we cannot suggest what security is best for your business, we can recommend talking to a cybersecurity expert, as well as ensuring all your business software has cybersecurity elements included.


Another option is to invest in a solution that has all of your needs, or the majority of your needs, in one!

First, create the list of all the tech you need, thinking of the way you want your workforce to work and the possibilities of it changing in the future. Then look for the tech you would invest in, how much it would cost and the advantages of each piece (do they integrate etc.)

Finally, look for an all-in-one or as close as an all-in-one solution you can get (such as WFM by Chronologic) and compare it with your list and costs.

To know how a WFM system can help you and your remote team, give us a call on 01761 410015 or request a free online demo.