Reporting on your Workforce

Workforce Management Reporting

WFM by Chronologic is an all-in-one system that enables you to optimise your workforce through time and attendance, HR management, reporting and more.

Although WFM has been designed using the key functionality to make every workforce runs as efficiently as possible, one of the most important tools of any workforce optimisation drive is reporting.

Think about it, without reporting you have no base to compare, no indication of trends or cost centres and much more.

It’s also wasted functionality. Your workforce management system is designed to collect key data on your employees. Hours worked, absence, breaks, HR information and much more. If you could have a system that automates reports to sort this data, why wouldn’t you?

We like to think of our time and attendance functionality as the heart of the WFM system. Our reporting suite is, therefore, the brain. It takes the information from across your organisation, deciphers it and enables you to see key numbers and act accordingly.

WFM reporting

In most workforce management systems, reporting includes worksheets (hours worked), cost of labour and the option to filter by department or individuals.

WFM by Chronologic, however, has designed a wide range of reports that come as standard to your system, so that you can be informed to make the best decisions for your business.

Some of our most popular reporting options include the Bradford Factor – to measure short-term absence and flag unacceptable amounts of leave.

Working Time Regulations to ensure you maintain compliance with WTR.

And finally, Fire Roll Call, which can be automatically generated from a fire trigger and sent directly to selected printers.

Key reporting benefits

As well the ability to clearly see your essential figures, automated reporting through WFM will free administrative time. No more absence spreadsheets!

Unbiased reporting also ensures operational compliance and fairness for all. Business software doesn’t have favourites or loopholes. You set the rules and WFM follows them, flagging who’s late or absent, working overtime and much more.

Finally, reporting of data (including worksheets) will save your business money by reducing payroll errors, and, will help with your Health and Safety compliance thanks to the roll call capabilities.

To find out more about reporting with WFM – click here.