Contactless Clocking - safety and reliability

Choose from RFID, Proximity fob, Web & Mobile

Contactless clocking options​

Is contactless clocking something that your business needs due to regulations or logistics? Or is it something you've thought about more lately?​

Reasons for contactless clocking could be work in a manufacturing setting that adheres to higher hygiene standards, a construction site that demands H&S protection such as gloves, or, due to COVID-19 you're more aware than ever of the potential for germs to spread.​

We offer three options for safer clocking - one purely contactless, and the other personal clocking (meaning that only the employee clocking will use that device).​

Contactless Clocking

RFID swipe card & proximity fob​

An RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system's main benefit is that it's contactless with no-touch. This is perfect if your business needs to minimise the spread of human contact due to regulations or hygiene. ​

All employees have to do is hold their RFID card or fob (each user has a unique one assigned to them) by the clocking terminal, and they'll be clocked in or out. ​

Terminals alert employees if their clock in has been successful or not to avoid confusion. ​

RFID units are:

  • ​​​Easy to set up - for new employees, contractors and visitors
  • Quick - takes just a few seconds to clock
  • Easy to use - no need to remember PINS and RFID cards/fobs are small and storable.

All terminals supplied are ready to go out of the box, as part of your WFM system.

Web Clocking/Mobile clocking​

You can enable your employees to clock on/off from their PC, smartphone or tablet whether at home or working away, 24/7. This method of personal clocking ensures that only the employee clocking their time uses the clocking device, and therefore avoids cross-contamination.​​

With web or mobile clocking, you can also capture your employees clocking location using GPS technology so that you can verify employees are where they're supposed to be.​

Looking to stop time theft?

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