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Unexpected absence doesn't have to mean the end of the world

We know that your business spends time ensuring your staffing levels are correct for your demands. So we understand when someone doesn't show up - it's a pain. But it doesn't have to mean the start of a bad shift.

WFM software will automatically track absence where an employee was expected to work but did not show. This will be clearly highlighted on their timesheet and an exceptions alert sent to management so you can get cover before production suffers.

The system has improved our operation with accuracy of attendance and speed of compiling data.

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What are Exceptions?

Exceptions alert you to any differences in your expected working patterns. This can be an activity such as lateness, absence, missed clockings, failing to work the target number of hours, or working unauthorised overtime.

To ensure that exceptions are seen by admin and operations swiftly, our system was designed to quickly display and then help fix any alerts that need to be dealt with, to avoid disruption.

WFM Exceptions functionality will also allow you to manage exceptions for unauthorised overtime, employee failure to work target hours, missing clockings, worked bank holidays and more.

You can clearly track lateness and other infringements such as break overrun using the timesheets and Infringements Report.

Cost Centre Reports

The WFM Cost Centre Report uses your work rota information to show the difference between actual time worked and your planned time.

Gross hourly pay can be included to provide costing variance. Best of all, cost centre reports can show employees' time in different departments for accurate business comparison.

Operational benefits:

  • See in real-time who is late, absent or has missed a clocking
  • Flag unauthorised time off or lateness

Admin benefits:

  • Exceptions are managed before payroll data is created
  • Report on missed clockings and manage whilst the information is current