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Exceptions alert you to any differences to your expected working patterns. This can be activity such as lateness, absence, missed clockings, failing to work the target number of hours, or working unauthorised overtime.

To make sure that exceptions are picked up by admin and operations swiftly and avoid disruption, we've designed exceptions to be easy to view, check and edit.

Cost Centre Reports

Our Cost Centre Reports use information from your work rota to show the difference between actual time worked, versus your planned time worked. Gross hourly pay can be included to provide costing variance. Best of all, cost centre reports can show time worked by employees in different departments for accurate business comparison.

The system has improved our operation with accuracy of attendance and speed of compiling data.

Rota variants Rota Variants
Andy McEvoy
Group Operations Manager
Wright Minimix

Operational benefits:

  • See in real-time who is late, absent or has missed a clocking
  • Flag unauthorised time off or lateness

Admin benefits:

  • Exceptions are managed before payroll data is created
  • Report on missed clockings and manage whilst the information is current