Self Service Workforce Management?

WFM Self-Service

Recognising you need a Workforce Management system to help optimise your workforce is only half the battle. The other half is using your new tools to enable you to get maximum benefits from your investment.

This is where our self-service tools come in!

Our employee self-service portal enables employees to take control of a selected number of tasks – to save your management team time.

Tasks such as holiday requests, viewing their timesheets for hours worked, clocking in and out remotely and seeing their upcoming work rotas.

All simple tasks that stop the dreaded time-consuming micro-managing approach.

The best thing about our self-service functionality is that you choose exactly who uses it. It’s not an all or nothing approach.

What about Managers?

The whole point of our self-service tool is to save managers time, not make things more complicated.

Once employees have access to the self-service functionality, managers will be alerted to holiday requests in the system and be able to approve or deny in real-time.

To make sure your selected self-service employees are where they say they are, managers can also choose to record the location of any remote clocking using a web browser or a smartphone.

The WFM by Chronologic Self-Service functionality is just one part of our full workforce management system, which includes time and attendance, HR management and much more.