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Minimise the effect of Sickness Absence

Simplify Sickness Absence for line managers and HR​

Employee absence is unavoidable, people need days off, or are sick, but by using practical tools to report, action and support your employees, you can make your absence process a breeze. ​

It might surprise you to learn that workplace absences cost the UK economy £18bn in lost productivity a year, so time lost and unauthorised absence has a real effect on your business over time. ​​

So how can you better manage sickness, absence and the return-to-work process? With a workforce management system. ​​

WFM by Chronologic gives you the tools to control absence and make changes to your workforce as and when you need them. ​​

Not only will WFM alert your managers when employees are late, no-shows or unauthorised, but you can easily amend your rota to ensure minimum staff levels and productivity are maintained. ​

Best of all, based on their clocking data, employee timesheets and payroll reports are automatically updated with the absence, taking out the hassle of manually amending them. ​

This is just one example of WFM's comprehensive ability to create Sickness Absence reports.

We wanted a system that wasn’t prone to human error. We also wanted to more accurately record things like overtime, sickness and holidays.

Sickness absence Sickness Absence
Operations Director
Arthur David

Sick report

How else can WFM help with employee sickness?

For back to work or employee reviews, WFM absence data helps your business by enabling:​​

  • Comprehensive sickness reporting across groups, departments and teams​​
  • Bradford Factor reporting to support multiple absence review​​
  • Reporting on frequency, length and reasons for absences and more​​
  • A list of completed employee back to work interviews and reports to highlight any still outstanding​

Operational benefits:

  • Automatic absence reports sent to managers when thresholds are exceeded
  • Know the effect of lost time with alerts for late arrivals, early leavers etc.
  • Compare sites and departments and act based on the facts
  • Access real-time information on who's available and who is not
  • Get alerts and reports for late arrivals, early leavers and more

Admin benefits:

  • Your rules applied to absence and sickness for accurate reporting and review
  • Support clear and well-managed processes
  • Individual access rights for managers and HR, protecting confidentiality
  • All the necessary information to hand, in one place, when you need it

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