Should good staff attendance be rewarded?

Should good staff attendance be rewarded?

Staff attendance rewards. If you’re more like:

“Rewarding staff for turning up on time every day? They get paid! Surely that’s enough?”

Then this is the article for you!

Today we’re going to be looking at the rise of attendance rewards, what they can entail, how they help and how to track attendance.

So let’s begin…

What is staff attendance rewards?

As you can imagine, staff attendance rewards are the act of rewarding staff for an attendance level that you see fit.

Since childhood, we were judged on attendance in school and the workforce is no different.

Your business will already have a ‘bad’ absence measure, to make sure too many sick days aren’t taken. So what about a ‘good’ attendance measure?

What is an example of the rewards they can receive?

It really depends on your budget and the frequency of the award.

If you’re rewarding employee’s monthly, a £50 Amazon voucher might be too much for you. But yearly, it’s not enough.

When you work out how much absence or lateness costs you in production, showing the value of this to the rewarded employee and all their coworkers, sends a powerful message.

Another option, instead of monetary value, could be a day off. Or a lie in.

Employee’s with 100% attendance get a late start once a month, or even something as small as the boss making them a cuppa and their favourite chocolate bar.

The point isn’t how much. But to encourage others to strive to reach it.

Only your managers know what makes your employees tick.

Employee attendance reward caution

Although attendance awards can boost worker attendance, they can also cause ‘presenteeism’.

This means employees who are not fit for work are in work. This could be physically or mentally.

It also disregards your employees reason for absence.

Look into the overall issues of lateness as it may be down to bigger problems within an organisation that needs tackling or just a few individuals causing issues for their colleagues.

You also need to be very careful to not discriminate based on attendance.

The 2010 Equality Act states that no employee should face discrimination arising from a disability. An absence due to a pregnancy-related illness will also be protected under the Act.

Instead of rewarding 100% attendance that might not be obtainable for all due to doctors appointments etc. Why not reward find another measure important for your business, and achievable for all.

Attendance awards not your thing? Take a look at peer recognition schemes.

Voting for employee of the month might seem like an American prom nightmare to you, but for employees often the recognition from their peers is enough to keep them working hard.

How can I track attendance?

With a  time and attendance system, you’ll be able to accurately track employee attendance in real-time.

Employee clocking is recorded via your clocking method and sent directly to your T&A system.

From there, it will decipher the info into actionable insight such as timesheets, absence reports, payroll data and much more.

Being able to accurately track and report on attendance also means that you can pick up any underlying attendance issues early on, whether it’s with an individual having problems at home or wider operational issues.

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