Steps to a strong Workforce Management System implementation

Steps to a strong Workforce Management System implementation

You’ve decided you want to invest in a workforce management system, chose the software you think is the best for your company, and now you need to implement it.

It might seem like this is the easy part, but in reality, how well your implementation goes could determine the success of your investment. Simply put, without employee ‘buy-in’, it won’t ever reach its full potential.

So how do you ensure employee buy-in during implementation? Check out our top tips below:

Define what will happen

Employees don’t like uncertainty. Be clear and precise in what and how you tell them.

Make sure to outline why you’ve invested in the software, what you expect of them, when the change will happen and the benefits it will bring to your workplace.

Showcase how it will help them

It might seem silly, but most employers just invest in the software and talk about benefits to the business, without explaining what it means for the employees using the system.

Clearly outline the benefits of the system for each worker, be sympathetic to employees who are hesitant or unsure, and always reassure them that the system is in place to help everyone.

We find a key selling point is the transparency a system like WFM will bring for workers.

Appoint employee champions

There will always be employees more ‘sold’ on change than others, make sure to leverage this goodwill with other workers who might not be so keen.

Champion the excited employees by training them first, then getting them to talk through the benefits that they see. Remember everyone will take something new from a system, so don’t ignore any goodwill.

If you’re having trouble creating goodwill, implement a feedback system that can be reviewed and resolved.

Remind them of the benefits

Weeks down the line, if you hit a milestone (X amount saved due to the system) make sure to shout about it!

Remind workers of the reason you got the workforce management system, what you hope it will do and what it is already doing.

You can find out more about WFM, and all the functionality we offer – here.