Three Benefits of Using Workforce Management Software

Three Benefits of Using Workforce Management Software

We’re taking a really deep breath, as cutting it down to only THREE benefits of using workforce management software is going to be tough. Luckily, we’re up to the challenge.

It’s no secret that as a workforce management software provider, we are going to say that it will change your life. It’s no different than adverts implying that shaving your legs or beard will suddenly make you 20 years younger and 200% more attractive – we can’t help it, we just love our product.

So for fairness, and to not bore you all, we’re going to talk about real, honest tools our workforce management software provides, that will benefit you.

If you’re looking for the longer version of this, and more benefits, head to our aptly named ‘business benefits‘.

Now let’s get to the list!

For us, workforce management software should offer three key ROI’s – to save time, money and resources.

Our software (WFM by Chronologic) has been designed to fulfil these ROI’s and the below list aims to offer three ways that we help you achieve this goal.

1) Save Time

Effective Data Management

From labour costs to assessing upcoming expiring certifications, holiday management and more – an automated system like WFM can eliminate a lot of hassles associated with manual tracking.

Having access to real-time data is incredibly important in today’s business world so that you can make informed decisions. WFM and other Workforce Management Systems automatically collects data from your employees’ clockings and offers automated reports on the issues that matter most (absence, cost centres and more) saving you time.

2) Save money

Make Payroll Accurate

Thanks to the Time and Attendance functionality of a WFM system, payroll data is ready for simple upload to your payroll system and is more accurate.

Like said above with the Data Management – WFM collects payroll data automatically from your employee clocking data. Best of all you can add your pay rules (overtime rates, break deduction etc.) so that it’s all added in one go, in real-time.

No manual calculations or additions. Employees are paid for the time they clock to work with the system and that’s it. No more human error.

3) Save resources

Easy Work Rotas

Labour accounts for a huge slice of your business costs, so wasting money on unnecessary labour shouldn’t happen.

With a digital scheduling system, you can add the roles needed and the number of employees to fill the slots. It’s then just a drag and drop approach until your happy.

You can view your cost centres to see how much labour will cost you, as well as your HR Management tools to make sure the right people, with the right skills, are on the right shift.

Find out how WFM can help you – and all the functionality we offer- here.