Time and Attendance Plus

Time and Attendance Plus

Why you need a workforce management system and not just standard time and attendance software

Whatever business software you are looking for (WFM or T&A), before signing any contract or agreement you will go through a host of steps, including the vital qualification stage.

During the qualification process, the products salesperson will find out what you need from the system and try and demonstrate how their product will fill these wants.

It’s then up to you and your team to discuss and discover how you want the functionality to work and if the proposed system works for you.

Why does this matter? Why are we outlining this?

Because it’s too easy to forget what you were looking for. Especially when it comes to Workforce Management.

Many Time and Attendance systems may fulfil your top desires (hour tracking, scheduling, payroll data, etc) but the additional functionality that will ensure longevity in your investment can often not be met with just T&A.

You need Time and Attendance +

Workforce Management systems at the core are Time and Attendance +. They offer the functionality of a time and attendance system, with the added oomph of extra tools for organisations.

A perfect example is Holiday functionality. With a standard time and attendance system, employees will be able to request time off and managers can approve it. With a Workforce Management system such as WFM by Chronologic, employees can request holiday, but managers will be able to see who else is off during the period in order to make an informed decision.

Another example might be HR Management. While standard T&A software can store information such as employee number, payroll rate and contact details, WFM by Chronologic can store contracts, certificates, appraisals and more HR-related documentation directly in the employee’s file, so you never have to search for paperwork.

Go beyond Time and Attendance

Remember, the point of Workforce Management software should always be to optimise your workforce, saving you time, money and resources.

When searching for your provider, always have the actions you need your data to give you in your mind and not just top layer functionality.