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WFM Time and Attendance System functionality

To make sure you have the full 360 view of your workforce, the WFM by Chronologic Time and Attendance system consists of seven vital functionalities:

Work Rotas

Making sure you have the right people in the right place at the right time is essential for any business.

Our Work Rota functionality enables you to ditch time-consuming spreadsheets and plan your workforce months in advance.

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Payroll Reporting

Automate your payroll process and get accurate real-time payroll data whenever it's needed.

Our Payroll Reporting functionality automatically collects employee time and attendance data and applies your work rules.

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Absence Management

Knowing who's off, whether authorised or unauthorised, can make or break a business day.

Good systems need to make the holiday booking and approval process easy for employees and managers alike - we've designed ours with this in mind.

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Clocking Systems

Enjoy a choice of clocking options that can be used in any combination to collect clocking data.

If you have employees on-site, off-site, working from home or any other scenario - they can still clock with our terminals, web clocking and more.

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Work Rules

Set your work rules easily and our system will automatically apply them to your data!

You can create rules for Overtime, Breaks, Lateness, Rounding's and Grace, Flexitime, Exceptions/Absence and more.

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Time Off in Lieu

Make time off in lieu (TOIL) simple for your managers.

WFM enables you to seamlessly keep track of the hours overworked and 'pay them back' to your workers at a later date.

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Take away the hassle of keeping employee hours tracked.

Set your rules and the system puts them in action, whether you have core hours or operate on a more open flexitime system.

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Download Brochure

Need something to take away and show your colleagues and managers?

Our T&A brochure includes all of the functionality and top benefits you can expect when investing.

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A key benefit for a time and attendance system is its ability to create a transparent work culture. Transparency in the workplace is cited as the most important factor in employee happiness and can help you ensure more engaged and productive staff.

Our old software wasn't flexible enough and didn't do even half of what the new Chronologic time and attendance system does.

General Manager
Centurion Hotel

Why do I need a Time and Attendance System?

There are a host of valid reasons why any business could need a time and attendance system. It could be to stop time theft, to minimise the number of resources spent on payroll, to track employee holiday allowances, or just to create crystal-clear processes.

To help you decide if you need our extensive T&A functionality, we've listed the top benefits our current customers are enjoying below:


Did you know that labour (including employee wages, benefits, payroll or other related taxes) can account for 70% of a businesses' total costs?

It's no surprise then that employees are the most expensive asset in many businesses, so managing their time and attendance is essential.

Our T&A functionality offers so much more than just clocking employee hours, but allows you to have a full 360 view of your workforce.

Having control over every aspect of the working day - from rota's, to break times, pay rules and much more, enables you to dramatically improve your overheads.

Buddy clocking for colleagues can incorrectly report when an employee is on site and cost the business for hours not worked - our range of Clocking Terminals can eliminate time fraud clocking and ensure employees are paid fairly. Through our reporting features, you will also be able to clearly see your cost of labour and make adjustments as needed - based on accurate real-time data.

New Managers find it easy to use after minimal instruction.

Time and Attendance Time and Attendance
Joedan Manufacturing (UK) Ltd


WFM T&A enables you to minimise the amount of time it takes to create reports, run payroll and much more.

With one centralised data resource, it also stops duplication of documents and reduces time spent searching for data.

The bane of many businesses is scheduling workers. It can take days to perfect a rota designed to adapt to both employee and work needs. With a time and attendance system, you will know who's available, be able to optimise your teams' time, and ensure compliance.

The system's functionality will also enable your managements time to be shifted away from administration to productive tasks - meaning you get the optimum value of your employees for your business.

Looking for just a T&A system?

uAttend by Chronologic

Perfect for businesses looking for an easy to use time and attendance system with scheduling, clocking in and reporting features included.

Find out more about uAttend by Chronologic

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