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Time is money

Our Time and Attendance software helps you simplify complex shift patterns and track employees' hours worked. You can also easily manage unplanned absences, lateness, and no-shows.

Employees are the most valuable and expensive asset in most businesses. Managing their time and attendance and optimising how that time is planned and used is essential to every organisation.

To make sure you have the full package when it comes to managing your workforce hours, WFM by Chronologic Time and Attendance software consists of seven functionalities:

We chose Chronologic as it suited our business needs the best. Not only in the time attendance, but also in the employee data you are able to allocate as well.

Time and Attendance Software Time and Attendance Software
Andy McEvoy
Group Operations Manager
Wright Minimix

Operational benefits:

  • Enabling management time to be shifted away from administration to productive tasks
  • Processes and overheads can be dramatically improved
  • Know who's available, optimise your teams time, ensure compliance
  • Central business data available to those that need it
  • Stop 'buddy clocking' to ensure employees are on site
  • Create a transparent work culture and optimise productivity
  • Review TOIL reports to see employee engagement for probation and appraisals

Admin benefits:

  • Workforces can be easily scheduled to optimise their value to the business
  • Absences, timekeeping and holiday management becomes centralised and controlled
  • Work Rules automatically applied, ready to process
  • Reduce time taken to create reports and ensure accuracy
  • Work rotas can be easily amended to match the business need, without the paperwork
  • HR and management have the absence data they need to review, monitor and action, when they need it

Time is money - We can help you control it

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