Time Off In Lieu

TOIL management headache? Not any more

Keep track of any extra hours worked

Using a time off in lieu (TOIL) system, can help you keep track of any extra hours worked in your business and 'pay them back' to your workers at a later date.​

Thanks to WFM by Chronologic, TOIL is made simple for managers and employees:

Set your rules - easily monitor and manage - minimum intervention
Empower managers - apply TOIL where appropriate and get rid of spreadsheets and notes
Enable employees - with tools to self-monitor balances and request TOIL Leave.

We no longer need to set up holiday calendars on an annual basis, the system just rolls forward without intervention… that's bliss!

Time Off In Lieu Time Off In Lieu
Nicki Wilkinson
Engineering Administrator
Rowse Honey

Operational benefits:

  • Create a positive work culture and optimise productivity
  • Review TOIL reports
  • Have clear visibility of workforce availability ensuring productivity is protected

Admin benefits:

  • Automatically keep track of employee overtime hours and hours owed
  • Utilise powerful reporting to inform managers to any TOIL balances building up during busy periods