Time Off In Lieu - management headache? Not anymore!

Keep track of all extra hours worked

Easily approve, track and manage your Time Off In Lieu

Many businesses utilise the benefits of Time Off In Lieu, commonly known as TOIL, as a method of compensating employees who have worked additional time as overtime or extra days.

Typical examples might include an employee who has stayed late to satisfy a customer order, a requirement for someone to work on a Bank Holiday that they would not normally do, pre-planned overtime during peak periods where TOIL can be repaid as time-off during a less frantic part of the year.

There are many more reasons you might want to use TOIL, rather than pay an overtime rate or sometimes in conjunction with a special payment. The employee is then given time-off, at an agreed future date, against their normal working pattern to repay them the TOIL earned.

The challenge, for many employers, is in how they define and manage the rules and then monitor the accrual/repayment of this variable benefit. Also, of course, how do they manage the repayment of this time using time-off and, possibly, any special TOIL-related payment?

There are plenty of businesses relying on spreadsheets, diary note and paper-trails to do all of this. It can be a headache and divert managers from core tasks that need their attention.

Thankfully, WFM enables customers to set their TOIL rules. It also includes tools to monitor and control TOIL balances, TOIL time-off requests, and offers employees and managers clear visibility of their TOIL status.

Managers can pre-approve Overtime that will automatically credit the employee with TOIL hours when worked, or they can approve relevant unplanned overtime as accruing to TOIL rather than an overtime payment. If you also pay a rate for TOIL overtime accrued, that can be included as well.

Everyone in the process is clear about the status of TOIL balances, and using Employee Self Service, Employees can request TOIL Leave and Managers approve or deny requests. All of the data is updated as it happens.

It was lovely not to have all the reams of paper to go through as I would have had to before. I just clicked and there was all the information I needed.

Time Off In Lieu Time Off In Lieu
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Operational benefits:

  • Create a positive work culture and optimise productivity
  • Review TOIL reports
  • Have clear visibility of workforce availability ensuring productivity is protected

Admin benefits:

  • Automatically keep track of employee overtime hours and hours owed
  • Utilise powerful reporting to inform managers to any TOIL balances building up during busy periods

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