Top-tips for choosing WFM software – from experts!

Choosing WFM experts

We’ve gathered our most experienced Workforce Management (WFM) minds, to give you their top-tips for choosing WFM software.

When investing in any new solution for your business we understand it is scary. It’s not just the initial thought of money, but also the thought of the changes that your workforce will go through. The unknown.

So, making sure you do your absolute best to get the right resources from day on is vital.

Conduct an audit

Tick lists are your friend. Work out what you need, how you need it and what you don’t need. Go into all WFM research and meetings with this information.

Knowing where you have your weaknesses and strengths will enable you to start shopping software providers suited to your requirements, and not blindly for anyone with WFM in the title.


If you’re looking at a WFM system and they don’t offer a demo. Run.

How are you supposed to see if the system will work for you, how you will use it and much more? You wouldn’t buy a new car without even seeing a picture, so don’t buy WFM this way.

Ask questions

If you’re dealing with a reputable WFM system seller then questions shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t be afraid to ask. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, ask if they will in the future. Be open, honest, and work with the system expert to get the information you need.

Some of our suggested questions include:

  • Do you have current customers using this system from my industry? Do they like it/any issues?
  • How will this solution fit with my current tech?
  • Will everyone be able to use this solution to my needs?
  • Can your system solve my key issues?
  • What updates do you have coming? Will I have to pay for these?

Know your price

Any new system will cost money to set-up, integrate, train and more, but knowing where your price point is and most importantly, what your ROI is will make things much easier.

If you know how much you will save thanks to the system in the future, you’ll be able to work out how much you can initially invest before you see that return.

Work WITH employees

Yes, there will always be employees who are against time tracking, absence reports and the other useful functionality that a WFM system will afford you. However, there are also tons of positive outcomes to every pushback from workers.

Be sure to highlight the positives from the beginning, get them onside and from day one you’ll be up and running with everyone.

Think about the future

Fixing holes in your boat today, ignoring the foundations will only cause new holes along the way.

Think about your organisation, where you are, where you are going and what you need to be able to get there. Ensure that your WFM system can grow with you and have a conversation about any upcoming investments you will need to make in the future.

Simon, our WFM by Chronologic expert is happy to help talk you through his process and what you should be looking for. We don’t believe in hard selling and can help you optimise your workforce today – Call 01761 410015 |