WFM clocking options

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Workforce Management Clocking Options

Without data, a workforce management system can’t run. WFM by Chronologic uses the clocking data of your employees to alert you who’s in or out, if you have the correct people on shift and much more.

This data can also help you track labour costs, create rotas and automate payroll data.

To get this all-important data, your employees simply need to clock in and out. But what is the best way to clock for your business?

Based on your needs, locations, and employee types, the method of clocking in can change.

Luckily, with a WFM by Chronologic system you can clock your employees with a combination of methods, meaning that if you have employees on-site, off-site, working from home or any other scenario – they can still clock.

The best terminal for your business needs

Clocking options come in two main forms with WFM:

  • Biometric clocking Systems
  • Contactless clocking Systems

Biometric systems are perfect for businesses who need to ensure their employees are where they should be.

Unique features, such as facial recognition, hand or fingerprint cannot be cloned. This completely eliminates buddy clocking, as well as any questions about hours worked, as the terminal will clock your physical in and out times.

Contactless clocking is as it sounds – a way for employees to clock in or out without needing to touch a clocking unit physically.

This includes RFID clocking (with cards), as well as web and phone clocking – so you can work across the country or world and still clock in.

Contactless clocking is becoming a more popular method than ever due to COVID-19, and our contactless clocking options include Biometric Facial Recognition scanners, RFID units, Web clocking, phone clocking and more.

Before buying your clocking method, we’ll qualify your needs to make sure that it’s the right type for your organisation.

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