What can a Workforce Management system do for you?

What can a Workforce Management system do for you?

What can a Workforce Management system do for you? The question should be what it can’t.

We often talk about the functionality of a workforce management system, what technology and features you need to help optimise your workforce, and that’s important. What’s missing from that conversation however is what pain points a Workforce Management system can help fix.

Basically, is the juice worth the squeeze.

Whether you go for a specialised system or an all-in-one software, the same issues should be solved by your investment.

Today, we’re outlining the top-pain points we hear on a daily basis, and how a workforce management system (like WFM) can solve them.

1) Lengthy paperwork processes

If you have spreadsheets coming out of your ears, a good WFM system will help half that, at least.

Automating your processes such as holiday management, sickness tracking, timesheets and much more, should reduce paperwork and simplify a host of HR and Management tools.

2) The time it takes for payroll

With a WFM system, your employee clocking data is used to fill timesheets automatically, meaning payroll data is ready to export.

The system will also add your pay rules such as overtime rates, break deduction and more, so you know your payroll data is ready to go with minimum fuss.

3) Making sure the right people are at work

Depending on your business, you might need different skill levels available at all times. With your software, you should be able to seamlessly Rota shifts in just a few clicks so that you know your HSE compliance and product needs are met.

4) Improve productivity and your bottom-line

If you don’t know your workforce, do you really know what’s going on? With a WFM system, you will know exactly what you need to run your business, how much it costs and how anything less than that will affect you.

5) Real-time reporting

When you need to make decisions, you don’t want to have to pull data – you want it there, immediately, in a format you understand and bang up to date. A good workforce management system will have a host of reports as standard that you can use 24/7, with real-time info.

The Bottom Line

Workforce issues can really affect the success of a business, so keeping on top of these pain points, and knowing how to solve them is vital.

Not only will this keep you ahead of your business needs but will give you the tools to handle and resolve any labour issues that do arise.

To find out more about how a WFM by Chronologic system can help you, click here.